October 20

You Don’t Have To Yell


You don’t have to yell when you preach, but you can increase intensity…

What? Increase intensity but not yelling? What are you talking about?

OK, sit down for a moment and let’s talk…

Someone said once when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem you have looks like a nail.

Some folks only have one way of increasing intensity in their sermons. And they just yell…

And yell…

And yell…

And the people get numb to it so in some cases they try to yell even louder.

But…What I am telling you is that you don’t have to yell to increase intensity in your sermons.

You may ask, well what else can I do then?

Good question…

You know I remember hearing a preacher increasing the intensity in the sermon by whispering.


Yes…the preacher normally preached in a conversational tone, but then he would sometimes whisper and it caused the moment to change.

Perhaps the best way to increase intensity in your sermons is to allow the content to do it…

This is why I often say, “Let your content shout.”

You ain’t yelling, but the content hits the people deeply and powerfully…

There are a number of other ways. Just be true to you, be true to the God that called you, and be true to the message. And you’ll be alright.

Just stop yelling all the time. It is not healthy for your voice and it can cause long term damage to your vocal mechanism.

Till Tomorrow,
Brother Sherman

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