October 5

Why You Must Celebrate Hard Work


There were smiles all around.

Excitement and anticipation had turned to gratitude and love.

We smiled as the new born simply looked up and barely moved.

The whole family was overjoyed as we looked at the child.

We knew that there was work to do? I had to finish the room and get it set up for the child.

My wife had to prepare things as well.

My parents were there to do work.

Yes, the little bundle was requiring a lot of work…But…we were happy.

We were smiling…

We were shouting…

Our Baby had arrived.

Now, when I talk about celebration of a sermon, that’s what I am talking about.

I ain’t saying that there is not any work to do. Yep, there is work for you to do as a result of the sermon.

Yep, you got work to prepare. But that don’t wipe the smile off your face…

That don’t wipe the good news from your face…

People hear me talk about celebration and think that I am saying that you only give dessert to your members.

No…you still are going to clean the room. But you ain’t cleaning the room TO get something, you are cleaning the room because you have already gotten some good news…

These people who think you always have to preach gloom and doom have not yet learned that one can celebrate even discipline. In fact one preacher wrote a book entitled the celebration of discipline.

Celebration is more powerful than you think. This is not just a “cheap shout” where you get people to yell about what they may not even understand.

No, true celebration comes after fully understanding the good news.

True celebration happens after you see the baby and then it makes doing the work that you need to do easier…

Makes you happy to do the work that you have to do…

In empowers you doing the work you need to do…

THAT is the power of a celebrative challenge.

So yes Celebration is unapologetically a component of my homiletic instructional method. This is the equivalent of a full preaching course. Check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net.


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