January 28

Web Seminar – Associate Minister’s Guide To The Worship Service – REPLAY


Because this was scheduled at the same time as President Obama’s address, I am going to put this whole seminar on line for a limited time.

In this seminar, I presented some fundamentals of associates in the worship service. There is also a small piece on simple rules for Associate Ministers protocol.


associate minister, associate ministers, rules for associate ministers

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  1. I could not hear any of the presentation. It started with sound but half-way through the intro, it stopped.

    I do have a question, however. How do you know if a text is a preaching text? I have heard some homeliticians say that we need to ensure the text is preachable, how can we ensure this?

    Thank you,
    Shelia Graves

  2. you mean the powerpoint? I probably can dig it up if you want it…

  3. How do I print down your power point slides?
    You are a great blessing to me. I have learned from your minister protocol that I have been that renagade you talked of in your presentation. I would like more handouts, videos etc on the assoicate ministers role. Is there a certification program that you offer?

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