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Evaluating Your Sermons

On our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/soulpreaching), which I encourage you to like so that you can get involved in some of these discussions, one of our readers, Prescott Jay Erwin, gave the following as a rubric for evaluating his own sermons.

He said,

I gauge my sermons based on: 1) whether or not I believe them to have been from the Lord (as opposed to simply myself); 2) whether or not they’ve affected me; 3) whether or not they’ve reverberated among the congregation; 4) whether or not they “have legs,” taken by the congregation to the community. But I try not to second-guess myself when there seems to be no immediate response — especially the first time I preach a sermon or on a particular topic/Scripture (sometimes it doesn’t have its effect the first time around). – Prescott Jay Erwin