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Supercharge Your Sermons Special Discount

Hello Supercharge Your Sermons Members,

September is our Fourth Anniversary at SoulPreaching.Com and we are going to have a special discount on our ebooks for the occasion.  This will probably be $50 for 9 books.   That is a savings of 100 dollars.

However, because you are alumni or a member or a financial supporter of the ministry, we are going to give you a special discount.

You will only pay $25 dollars for the 9 ebooks.

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Please hurry this special price is good until September 5, 2010.

What is in this package?

  • Options for Preaching Without Notes – an Ebook that gives the major options for preaching a sermon with little dependence on notes.
  • Preaching in the Black Tradition – This is the Black Preaching Mindset. How do you cultivate it and use it in your preaching?
  • Preaching Without Notes – A book by an early homiletics teacher on how to preach a sermon without notes.
  • Sermon Title Guide – How to title your sermon. There is very little information on the subject, but this ebook deals with the subject.
  • Starting to Whoop – One of the only books on the subject of whooping.
  • Three Points and a Poem – what is the three points and a poem method of preaching and how can we implement it in our preaching?
  • Last Minute Preacher’s Guide – It is the last minute, how do you put together an effective sermon?
  • Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis – How do you exegete a text of scripture for preaching?
  • Closing the Sermon With Power – How do you close the sermon with power.

You will receive a link that will allow you to download all of the above ebooks as soon as you pay for the product with PayPal or a credit card..

Your price is only $25 because you are an alumnus or student of the Supercharge Your Sermons system.

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