Chronological Bible Storying

Kent Anderson on the Preaching.Org site put up a link to the Chronological Bible Storying Site.

What is Chronological Bible Storying? According to the site

Chronological Bible Storying (CBS) is the process of encountering God by telling the stories of the Bible. In CBS we tell Bible stories without interruption or comment and we tell them in the order that they happened in time. Afterward we discuss each story and its significance for our lives. Each story builds on those that came before; as a result, the overarching message of the Bible becomes clear and we discover our own place in God’s story.

Some Preachers Do This Well

There are two things that are of interest to me. The first is that some preachers preach this way. They tell the story with very little comment. They attempt to bring the people into the Bible story. They then provide the commentary or “points” or “lessons” after the presentation of the story.

Stories Work in Oral Cultures

Perhaps those who preach like this can find validation and help from this site. The second important point that this brings to my mind is that it validates the use of stories in oral cultures. The African American community has been identified as an oral culture by some. Perhaps those of us who attempt to reach that community aught to do what the great black preachers have done throughout the ages, simply tell the story Reverend.

In any case, this website, although not explicitly for preachers, has a wealth of information to help anyone who is attempting to tell the Bible story.

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