Stop The Madness In Our Preaching

“God’s got a blessing for you.”

Well, yeah, but what is the blessing? And are their any ethical implications of that blessing? And furthermore is that all you gonna preach every week?

“God is gonna hook you up.”

Huh? OK.

“Tell the Devil that you are taking back all the stuff he has taken from you. Come on stand up and let’s give the Devil a headache lets stomp that ole Devil on the head.”

Is this what our preaching has come to? Are we simply preaching about a cosmic Bellhop that gives us goodies? While we go get back “our stuff” from the Devil?

What Happened To Our Preaching?

What has happened to our preaching? Where are the prophets? Where are the ones who have the willingness to stand up and say “thou art the man” to wickedness in “high places?” Where are those who are willing to say to leaders “What you are doing is wrong, but there is a God who forgives and heals?”

What has happens to our preaching? We used to hear about a God that is with us in the depths of our pains, but now we have a god that doesn’t allow any pain to happen to us!

What has happened to our preaching?

My sister and brother preachers What do you expect your people to become when fed a steady diet of “God gonna bless you..God gonna hook you up?” And never fed the truth of God’s holiness and the expectations of members of the kingdom of God? come on…what is going on?

Are You Preaching Shoddy Theology?

Why is so much of our preaching turning into shoddy theology? why are preachers using the pulpit to pummel their enemies or kiss the behind of their friends? Why has the pulpit become less than it should. My sister and brother preachers no wonder our people expect forgiveness without repentance.

My sister and brother preachers, stop preaching mess! Stop preaching parts, preach the whole book. Go head on and preach Grace, but preach what Grace does to you.

This weekend…stop preaching a part of the gospel. Stop preaching a piece. Buck the trend! Preach something significant! Preach something that matters! We don’t need another “ditto head” copy of some television preacher. God chose you to preach so preach…preach the truth….

Stop it! Stop it! My sister and brother preachers, it is way past time to continue on with that mess!

Sherman Haywood Cox II

Vanderbilt Trained Minister (MDiv), Univ. of Alabama Trained Software Developer (MS), Author, Blogger (, Husband, Son, Brother, Father.

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