September 22

Sleeping in the Pulpit?


Are You Sleeping in the Pulpit?

“I don’t yell or whoop, how can I bring that energy to my sermon?”

Good question. Very good question. Some preachers are so monotone and lifeless that they appear to be sleeping in the pulpit.

Let me start by saying what I don’t suggest. I don’t suggest copying other preachers who seem to be animated. I don’t suggest forcing yourself to yell or scream. I don’t suggest whooping when you don’t whoop.

I suggest being genuine to your own emotions. Now if your emotions cause you to yell, shout, cry, or even whoop, then go head and do it, but the key is being true to you and the message…

Now a big problem preachers have is that they don’t tell the Bible story. They dissect the bible story. They pull out the truths in the Bible story. But they don’t TELL the Bible story…

The Black preacher often “Tells the story.”

You need to get into a position of telling the story…

Now to tell the story of the text, you are gonna have to know the text. Do all the exegesis you have always done, but then also do what I call “Emotional Exegesis.”

Take a stroll in the text and tell me what you see. Tell me what you hear. Tell me what you feel. Tell me what you smell. Tell me what you taste. Yeah, all senses.

You ain’t ready to preach about the demoniacs until you smell the stench of years of not bathing. You feel the fear of getting to close to them thinking they may grab you and rip you apart. You ain’t ready till you hear that deep guttural voice coming from them…

Now once you have internalized that, you are gonna preach a different sermon than if you just have an intellectual knowledge of it. Once you have internalized that, you are gonna feel a different kind of surge once healing comes to the demoniac…

You are gonna feel it…and when you feel it, you will be ready to tell your people about a God who can take you from anywhere and put you anywhere… that is preaching there…

The key is you will give natural emotions as you preach it. Let the content to the shouting and you will be allright…

This “sensory exegesis” is wave four of the four waves of Biblical exegesis system. Go check it out if it is of interest to you… –


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