October 18

Should We Prepare Or Pray?


A preacher angrily told me, “What you are doing is useless.”

In a second I tried to bring to mind what he was talking about.

Was it my television watching?

Was it my eating too much?

Was it my exercise routine that needed an uplift?

What could it be?

So I asked the brother, “What are you talking about?”

And the thing he told me was the last thing I would have thought…

“You are teaching people to be preachers…But if God called them, then God would prepare them to be preachers.”


I was taken aback when I first heard that a few years ago…

Is there any legitimacy to it?

I think not…

Why is it that we are to work hard and study and find the best teachers if we want to become a computer programmer, and no one blinks an eye?

Why is it that we study greatly under many instructors if we want to become a physician?

Why is it that no one bats an eye if we go to school to learn every other field, but when it comes to the Lord, we aren’t supposed to better our talents by study?

Yes, I have a full preaching course at http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net. And many have been helped. But they didn’t come to this course instead of getting the Spirit.


The Spirit led them to learn and be equipped in what they have been called to do.

Now I ain’t saying you have to get a seminary degree.

Although there ain’t nothing wrong with that…

What I am saying is that God has called you…Ask the Lord to help you find ways to equip you…

Don’t ask God to find a way to get around any training or help that comes from those who have studied and prayed and now teach on the subject.

Keep on Preaching Yall…
Brother Sherman


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