February 22

Sermon Preparation Step 4 – Read Cross References


Are you ready for Step 4?

Now is the time to break out an important book…

The book is the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge.

I fact you can complete most of your sermon prep with the Bible, Hymnal, and the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge.

What is the Treasury of Scriptural Knoweldge you ask?

Have you ever looked in your Bible and looked at the cross references on your text.

These are texts that are related to the text under consideration…

Well guess what…

The Treasury of Scriptural Knoweldge is a book that consists largely of cross references…

It is the cross reverences in your Bible put on steroids…

In this step we are going to allow the Bible itself to interpret the text…

How are we gonna do that?

By looking up every cross reference for our text and noting what it tells us about out text.

Does doing this answer any questions we have had.

Does it bring us any more questions?

Write it all down…

Last step we said we were going to read the Bible in context…well this step allows us to see a larger context…

The nice thing is that you don’t even have to spend a dime…you can find it online…just google “Treasury of Scriptural Knoweldge”…

But if you want to purchase a hardback copy…Consider purchasing it on amazon through our amazon affiliate store at: http://astore.amazon.com/preachersweapon-20
OK..how are you gonna spend your 30 minutes today? Here is your assignment…

1) Pray (Just do it….)

2) Look up your text in the treasury of scriptural Knoweldge.

3) note any observations you have it. Especially note if a cross reference relates to your text.

4) look at your list of questions and observations from earlier steps and see if they are altered by this step. For example you may have asked a question that is now obvious from cross references..or you may see an observation is just plain wrong.

5) do steps 2-4 for each verse in your passage.

Yes sir…we are moving forward now…

Whether you know it or not…we are exegeting the scripture. Check out my white paper for a little in-depth description of this process – https://gumroad.com/products/okfy

We are still in the Bible interpretation phase…stay tuned…

Till Tomorrow,

Brother Sherman

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