March 29

Sermon Prep Step 5 – Seeing and Tasting the Text



You have looked at the text…

Now…I want you to take your text…

REad it….

And now…Think about

The sights in the text….what do you see?

Do you see the mountain over there? What does it look like?

Do you see the river of Jordan? What does it look like?

You don’t know…write down you don’t know…and then you are gonna look it up in your Bible dictionary later…

What difference does what you see make?

What do you smell in the text?

What does the Jordan River smell like? You don’t know…Well do you know what other rivers smell like? Note it.

Is the tabernacle in your text…what do you smell? Animals are being slaughtered and burned. What does that smell like? Does it matter? Write it down….

Someone said it helps to close your eyes and stroll in the text…

What textures are in the text…what do you feel when you touch things?

Go around and feel things…


What do you taste in the text?

OK…now listen. What do you hear?

Write that stuff down.

Now I suggest you do this twice.

First do it without any additional information.

Then go use a Bible Dictionary to help you and then do it again.

For example…If the Jordan River plays a prominent part of your text, go step by step through the senses…

Then…go to a Bible dictionary and read up on the Jordan River…

Then go step by step through your senses again…

Take your time here…

Spend a bit more than 30 minutes…but if you must…spend at least 30 minutes…

So today’s assignment:

1) Pray…You need help yall…so go head and do it.

2) Read your passage again to orient you.

3) Take a virtual stroll through the text. Think about what you see. Then what you hear. Then what you feel (textures). Then what you taste. What you smell.

4) Write it down…it is gonna be helpful.

We got one more piece of exegesis. And we will talk about it next time…

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Till Tomorrow,

Brother Sherman

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