January 4

Sermon Must Have ONE Purpose


What is the purpose of your sermon?

Is it to expand the kingdom of God?

Is it to comfort the people of God?

Is it to challenge the people of God?

Is it to inform the people of God?

Is it to…

You get the gist…this list could go on forever…


And these are lofty goals for a preacher to have in the sermon toolbox. 

A well rounded pulpit will address many of these issues and more…

But…You don’t do all of them in the same sermon.

If you try to do that…

More than likely you will preach more than one sermon with more than one theme…

When you preach multiple themes, your people don’t remember what you preached…

Always remember…preach one sermon…and then celebrate the point of that one sermon…

How do you do it? Check out my homiletic method. http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net


Brother Sherman


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