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Audio 39 – Elder Cox Talks To Pastor J of Truly Blessed Communications

Elder Sherman Haywood Cox II talks to Pastor E. L. Jones of Truly Blessed Communications. Truly Blessed Communications is a technology consulting firm for churches. In addition, Pastor J. presents seminars on using Hip Hop infused with powerful spiritual messages to reach the youth in his “Let’s Talk About Hip Hop Seminars” and other presentations.

Pastor J is now in his tenth year of internet ministry including his online radio station

In this discussion Elder Cox and Pastor Jones speak about how ministers must use technology at this time. In addition, Pastor Jones speaks on his passion for using Hip Hop in youth ministry.

The Content is good, but please forgive the audio quality.

Download the audio at this link.

Black Preaching Myths – Black Preaching And Style

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Black Preaching Myths

Photo by Kaihsu Tai.

We are going to begin a series of posts about the myths of Black Preaching. There are a number of these that we need to clarify if we are going to understand how black Preaching helps us.

the first of these myths is that Black Preaching is primarily about preaching style. Often when one thinks about what is Black Preaching and its connection to Black Worship, they think solely about black style. They think about a “hyped up” worship experience. As Sherman Cox has pointed out in his seminars on black preaching, “when one thinks about black preaching they normally think about style.”

the great problem is that style is a small component of strong Black preaching. In fact style can hide poor preaching. Have you ever listend to a preacher who was shouting, but was shouting about nothing? Style should always be totally dependent on content. Style should always be secondary to content. If you have to choose between style and content. Choose the content. Great content preached wholeheartedly, will bring its own style.

Great preaching is not about “yelling” or other stylistic components, it is about powerfully preaching the Word of God from the perspective of those who live with their “backs against the wall.” Our first myth that makes Black preaching solely about style trivializes the tradition and encourages the people to have a weak connection to truth.

Should Women Preach?

Christian counsellors holding biblesThe question has come up on many if not most of our web seminars. The question is interesting in my own Soul Preaching ministry in that we are an eclectic mix of various denominations. While that is true, 50% of our membership are Baptists and approximately 25% are nondenominational evangelicals. Thus, a good 75% of our readers are conservative evangelicals. Certainly in the Black Church we seek to raise a “prophetic voice” against racism, but the reality of sexism does not bring the same call.

Often when the question comes up, I have ignored the question in seminars in that the question was not exactly what the seminars were about, but then in our last seminar, I referred to preachers in the generic as “he.” This is something that I attempt to never do. I quickly corrected the pronoun usage to “she or he.” To that simple correction one preaching sista thanked me for recognizing the fact that not only can women preach, but they were online right now listening to the seminar. I stated that I know that our sisters are listening. In fact a good 60% of all of our visitors to Soul Preaching and our seminars are our Sister Preachers. I then stated how I am humbled by the fact that our sisters can find a little something to help them from this poor brother who still on occasion makes the mistake of leaving gender inclusive language for our preachers.

Then, a question came in about how can I defend women preaching? To this I spoke of the reality that the Bible says that in the last days God will pour out God’s spirit on all flesh. (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17) All flesh means all male and female, if one is wondering about who this is, then the text tells us that sons and daughters will prophesy and then in case some are wondering, the text re-emphasizes it again by saying that God will pour God’s spirit on both male and female in the next verse (Acts 2:18). This spirit that is poured out is to prophesy. To prophesy is to speak truth. It is to utter forth and declare. How can one prophesy if one is not preaching? It is an accepted part of our tradition in the Black Preaching Tradition that we are in the lines of the prophets speaking truth to power and uttering truth by divine inspiration. The text is telling us that that work will be done by both male and female in the last days. And why should it not be? There have always been female prophets such as Miriam Exodus 15:20, Deborah Judges 4:4, Huldah 2Kings 22:14, Noahdia, Nehimiah 6:15, Anna Luke 2:36, Phillip the Evangelists daughters Acts 21:7-9, And Paul even acknowledges that women prophesy in 1 Corinthians 11:5. Show me a prophet who doesn’t preach. You Can’t be a prophet and not preach! In the last days we are going to see more of this. Women will proclaim the word of God…yes they will preach!

But some wish to argue that modern day preachers are in the line of the priests and not the prophets. They wish to argue that because all the priests were . But I would argue that that was not God’s original intention. Look at God’s original intention was that Israel would be a Kingdom of Priests in Exodus 19:6. But something sidetracked the agenda and God settled on the Levities. But in Revelation we have a picture of the end where this will come to past. God will have a kingdom of priest (Revelation 1:6). Is this going to be only a kingdom of men? I think not. No in the last days, God will have male and female prophets and yes priests.

In my interdenominational ministry here, I have heard the stories. I have heard the stories of women leaving denominations to find one that supports women in ministry only to be sent to the hardest back woods towns and after turning it around being moved to another back woods town while a young male is placed in the place to get the benefits. I have heard the stories of working for years and barely getting a 3 member church 2 hours out of town. Yes, I have heard the stories from our sisters who have had their womanhood questioned just for wanting to obey the call of God on their lives. I have heard you, and I pray that God will continue to make a way out of your tears. Your road that you have taken, dear sister, has opened avenues to ministry that many of us may not have seen or appreciated.

Yes, when they wouldn’t ordain you as a pastor, you went on and became an evangelist and preached on anyway. Maybe you were like Shirley Ceaser and had to preach in between songs that you sang, but you preached on anyhow. Maybe you preached with your actions like Harriett Tubman. Yes, you trailblazed the way to ministry even when you didn’t have a church. While I am not a woman, I do believe that the ministry of Soul Preaching would not have been even thought of if it hadn’t been for our sisters who have had to think out of the box and their legacy pointed me towards going online without a church and without the credentials that some think you should have. Yes, I thank you sistas for your work and witness.

Finally, I also wish to say that perhaps my proudest moment in this ministry was when a Baptist sister wrote me and said that she followed the materials that were freely given on Soul Preaching Ministries. She put together a Bible Study with the materials. The church recognized the call of God on her life and she then put together a sermon. Finally, that church ordained her to the ministry. I am glad that God is using me to help fulfill that call to prophesy in the last days.

My original question was “Should Women Preach?” The short answer is they already are, and if the Bible is true, they will keep on preaching into the kingdom of God.

Looking Back at 2009 and Plans for 2010


Let us look back at 2009. What did we accomplish?

We did a number of new things in 2009.  I think we have taken a strong step towards being more than a blog, but being a full scale ministry of support to preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Web Seminars. We created and presented a number of free webseminars.  They were: Preaching in the African American Tradition, Sermon Planning, Ending the Sermon Right, The Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis, Using Logos Bible Software in Exegesis, Overview of the Supercharge Your Sermons System, and Affiliate Marketing for Online Ministries.  We plan to offer these and a few more in the coming year.
  • Free E-book, You Can Preach.  We created a website entitled YouCanPreach.Com to give away our free ebook.  We have no idea how many of these we have given away to this point, but we now can keep some tabs on the number we have given to help preachers.
  • Free E-book, Preaching in the Black Tradition.  We have given away a number of these e-books and still give it away from time to time.  If you register for one of our web seminars you can gain access to it now.  This is another free e-book that SoulPreaching.Com has made available to help preachers.
  • Updated the Free website SoulPreaching.Com.  This is our base of operations.  Here any can access free reflections on preaching with an emphasis on African American Preaching.
  • Continued Publishing our Free Web Magazine The Soul Preacher.  This email magazine has been answering questions sent in by readers.   It is the official organ of Soul Preaching Ministries.
  • Some Free Phone and Email Preaching Consultation.  We have had the opportunity to support and aid some preachers in construction of their sermons.  This has been very gratifying.  Due to financial constraints we have not been able to do this as much as we would like, but a few have been helped by this services.
  • Continued the Free Audio Updates to SoulPreaching.Com.  Some have really enjoyed this aspect of SoulPreaching that we have done on occasions.
  • Created a Free FaceBook Group site.  We interact with readers at that site.  On occasion our website has been down and that site has helped us to keep our readers informed of when the site would be back up.   You can join that group by clicking here.
  • Free ebook entitled An Overview of the Supercharge Your Sermons System.  This gave the funamentals of our preaching system.
  • Totally Overhauled the WebSite.  Our new look SoulPreaching.Com of Fall 2009 has been verrryyy successful.  We see that members are staying on the site much longer than any of our previous sites.
  • Supercharge Your Sermons System.  We have created the only interdenominational African American Preaching Course delivered totally over the web.  The course is no longer open to new students, but we will open it again in the fall.   Thank you to those who have supported this by becoming paid students of the program.
  • EBook Sales.  This has been the bread and butter that has paid for many of our expenses.  We have recently discontined them however and will create some CDs and Paperback books to replace them.

Plans for 2010

OK, what do we plan to do in the incoming year?

  • Update 3-5 times a week. We have had times where we would update one or two times a week. We want to get it up to 3 times.
  • Emagazine Soul Preacher will be updated 2 times a month. This is highly dependent on interest from others, but we hope to update this two times a month.
  • Update Audio One time a Week. We have done it infrequently, but we are planning to do one audio a week in the coming year.
  • Web Seminars.  We plan to present 12 webseminars this year.
  • EMagazine Membership Drive. We have desired to give away free books to our members. We will plan to have two contests of some sort to give away some books and increase the size of our EMagazine circulation.
  • Create a Paperback Book. We plan to create a paperback book that will be available on Amazon.Com in the coming months.
  • Note Free Preaching Course. Due to the success of Supercharge Your Sermons, we plan to create and deliver a web course on preaching without notes. This will be a paid course and should be available in early March or late February.
  • Web Media Blitz. We plan to do some web advertising that will include purchasing advertising on other web media outlets. This is a major initiative where we are seeking to take SoulPreaching.Com to the next level.
  • Online Preachers Conference.  I have had thoughts about this for a while, and hope to make SoulPreaching.Com the driving force behind an all online preaching conference this year.

That is a lot to do. I think it can be done. I thank you for your interest in SoulPreaching, SuperchargeYourSermons, and our Audio. Hold on to your seats, we are kicking it up in the coming year as we seek to make 2010 our best year yet!

Special Note of Thanks.  I really wish to thank those who have supported the ministry by their purchases.  You have made this work possible. We do not receive support from any ecclesial organization, so if it weren’t for you, we would not be in business. Once again thank you.

And to all of my readers, I pray God continue to bless us all as we move into 2010 that it may be the greatest year yet.


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