June 8

Preaching To Folks Going Through Something


You are preaching to folks in trouble.

You ever felt like giving up?

Then you know how some of your folks feel right now…

You ever felt tired?

Then you know how somebody feels right now…

You ever felt like nobody understands you?

Maybe you felt like tomorrow will never come…

Do you just give them the “Sweet bye and bye?”

OK, but what you got to say to them today?

Do you just give them an empty promise of certain riches if they line your pocket and raise your salary?

Stop promising what you can’t know for sure…

Or worse, do you give theology disconnected from their daily lives?

Yeah, theology is important, it is necessary…but if the people can’t apply it, if it ain’t connected to them, then is anybody gonna do anything with it?

Yeah, I don’t want to be harsh, but ain’t nobody want to hear no sermon about who the Jebusites were?

Ain’t nobody want to hear no sermon about the difference between substantiation and communion.

They want to know about where God is.

They want to know about why God ain’t showed up…

They need you to know that after tithing 30 years their grandchild died of brain cancer…

They need you to know that after going to the church house faithfully every week they lost their house.

Certainly you ain’t got all the answers…

But your sermon needs to show that you struggled with the important questions…

Cotton candy is not a meal…

See you tomorrow folks…

Brother Sherman

P.S. – Stick around, we will finish up the sermon construction series.

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