June 4

Audio 30 – Finding the Perfect Sermon Illustration from Your Own Experience


How do you find the perfect sermon illustration? Pastor Sherman Haywood Cox II answers this question in this short audio presentation.

Download the audio at this link.


the perfect sermon

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  1. Pastor Cox,

    YOU HAVE BEEN SUCH A BLESSING TO ME & MY MINSITRY!! This site is so amazing that it feels like a real seminary. I know the importance of good & responsible preaching and teaching of our Lord’s Word. This site, for me, is as close to a great seminary as I can get to; because I feel that in the part of the U.S. that I’m living in does not have the proper tools to prepare me to practice law (preaching & taching). This site has been a great help. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DEVELOPING THIS SITE!! Be Blessed.

    Yours in His service,
    Rev. Joseph Horne, Jr.

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