October 11

Is Your Good News Stronger Than Your Bad News?


If the good news is good…then why are you preaching the bad

One of the common critiques of Christians is that we become experts at what folks are doing wrong.

Someone says that we condemn even though we often say that our religion is one of Grace, we emphasize Law. We condemn those who are not living up to the standard that we think the Bible calls for…

We argue that lawlessness is the great crime of the age…

And then when we mess up.

We grab ahold of that Grace. We teach and preach grace. And then we actively identify those who condemn us for our backsliding as legalists…


No wonder folks think religion sounds like a racket…Many actually hold others to a higher standard than they hold themselves to.

Is this our preaching?

Is our preaching an excuse to rail against the sins of others while quickly grabbing grace for our own sins?

This is one of the keys to true celebration. True celebration celebrates the good news. It doesn’t celebrate bad news.

True Celebration is based in the Biblical fact that where sin abounds Grace does much more abound.

True Celebration doesn’t excuse sin, but it stands firm in the reality that God is stronger than it.

The only true remedy to sin is Grace. And Celebration is the natural response when the truth of Grace hits home.

They may shout…

They may cry…

They may sit and contemplate…

But they will be in a position to change…Cause they truly understand the truth …Not of other folks sin, but of their own…and God’s power and ability over even it…

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