November 17

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Exegetical Fallacies by D.A. Carson is an important work that you probably should add to your library.

Have you ever heard a preacher refer to a Greek word (even though the one doesn’t really know Biblical Greek) and then attempt to “correct” the translation…

Have you ever heard a preacher present a particular translation as the only valid one (Like the King James Only Folks?) based on logical, theological…or sometimes grammatical grounds?

Do you teach the Bible and want to do it more faithfully?

The simple fact is most of us do…

D.A. Carson provides tools to more deeply understand scripture…

The book points us to various fallacies

Chapter 1 is on those Word-STudy Fallacies.
Chapter 2 is grammatical fallacies
Chater 3 points to logical fallacies
and chapter 4 providdes a look at historical and presuppositional fallacies.

In this day and age there are so many “experts” who have little or not training AND little or no understanding telling us how to read the Bible or why the Bible is wrong…or why the Bible is right…etc…

there are so many voices….

And ours is just one other voice…

Make attempts to know more deeply the scripture by picking up Carson’s work.

You have seen a lot of these fallacies in action….I guarantee it….and in our lives…most of us have made some of these mistakes…You can’t do better until you know check it out...


Brother Sherman


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