January 21

Importance of Prayer for the Preacher




Have you had devotional time?

Where you pray…



We need to pray.

We must pray.

And I ain’t just talking about prayer over your food.

“Lord bless this food and help it to strengthen and nourish me.”

Yeah…that’s good, but I’m talking about the prayer that acknowledges the need of supernatural power to fight what is going on…

Yeah, we better pray…


We also must inform that prayer with study.

And I ain’t just talking about “SERMON PREPARATION STUDY.”

You know, where you go to the scripture when you attempt to put together a sermon.

Naw, I’m talking about the kind of study that empowers you. The kind of study that strengthens you. The kind of study that allows you to take on the devil who ain’t playin with you.

Prayer AND Study…

Yep…if we are going to be who God called us to be, we best get serious about the task…

This is how you “preach out of the overflow.”

Some of us preach everything we got. When we are done preaching, its time to start over, because there ain’t nothing else in the tank.

Some of us got so much to preach that we can’t even scratch the surface of what God has given to us.

You want to know the difference?

Prayer AND Study…

So Today.

I know you’re busy.

I know you ain’t got no time.

But take a minute.


And then take a scripture…

Think on that scripture…

Bear with me for 20 minutes…

Take a scripture and ask God to talk to you…

Don’t have in mind getting a sermon.

Have in mind that you want to talk to the Lord…

Then after you finish shouting…(Cause God is gonna hook you up more than you know.)

You will have more to take with you when you start preparing for that sermon.

Till Next Time,

Brother Sherman

P.S. Check out my Homiletic method at http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net


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