I Got Shoes

I got shoes, you got shoes
All God’s chillun got shoes
When I get to heav’n I’m goin’ to put on my shoes
I’m goin’ to walk all ovah God’s Heav’n
Heav’n , Heav’n
Ev’rybody talkin’ ’bout heav’n ain’t goin’ dere
Heav’n, Heav’n
I’m goin’ to walk all ovah God’s Heav’n

I got a robe. I got shoes. I got wings. Yes you may not be able to see them right now. In fact my situation may look so dark and drear that I even have to walk down here without shoes on. I may have my feet cracking from the punishment of the elements and my own weight crashing against them, but I won’t give up. I won’t give in. I will continue knowing that I do have shoes and they are sitting in a place that nobody can take them from me. And when I get to put on those shoes, I am going to walk all over God’s heaven. And lest you think that the inequality that humanity has set up on this earth will continue into the next life I gotta remind you that everybody talking about heaven ain’t going there. So says this spiritual.

We all can continue our fight in this life knowing that God has a way of equalizing all of the inequities of existence. And while we fight to bring God’s vision in our own life today, we always recognize that if I have to wait to get to heaven, I will put on my shoes and shout all over God’s heaven.



Sherman Haywood Cox II

Sherman Haywood Cox II is the director of Soul Preaching. He holds the M.Div with an emphasis in Homiletics and a M.S. in Computer Science.

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