October 1

How Many Preaching Methods Do You Teach?


“So do you teach the X, Y, and Z methods of sermon structure?” A preacher asked me.

My answer is simple…


I don’t ignore other methodologies because I don’t see value in them.

For real, I think that there are multiple valid and Biblical ways to approach sermon construction and structure.

The key is to deeply plan, prepare, and present the Bible.

There are a number of different teachers out there. From the Christo-centric approach of Bryan Chappell…

To the Bible-powered method of Haddon Robinson..I think it is valid…but I ain’t as enamored with his approach as many seem to be…

To the celebration of the Good News approach of Henry Mitchell…Yeah, you probably know that this is where I am coming from…

To the dialectic approach to the…well you get the idea, there are a number of ways to present the Gospel.

And none of them can say they are the only way. I know some of you believe that your approach is the only Biblical way, and you are wrong…there are different approaches.

Yeah, I know you are gonna email me to disagree…

OK, so what is the key? Just make sure that whatever approach you use places Biblical Interpretation at the center of it. In addition, ensure that the Good news is also at the center of your approach. Don’t major in bad news, major in good news…While there is a moment when we must preach correction and direction, remember that “where sin abounds, Grace does much more abound.” (Romans 5:20)

Now, I teach in the Henry Mitchell school of preaching. If you don’t believe in that…ok…that’s cool…we might have to part ways if you don’t think that method or approach is the right thing…

But if you want to see how I teach it, why not sign up for my supercharge your sermons course. Our sale is soon to end and it is an approach that places interpretation of the Bible at the center and preaching with the questions of those who are hurting in mind. Check it out at http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net


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