August 9

Good Religion versus Bad

Devotional #1
Good Religion versus Bad

Have you Got Good Religion….Cert’ly Lord
Have you Got Good Religion….Cert’ly Lord
Have you got good Religion.
Cert’ly, Cert’ly, Cert’ly Lord

Implicit in this spiritual is an important point: there is a difference between good and bad religion. The slave knew about bad religion for daily the slave was forced to look upon the master who was practicing bad religion.

One might ask what is the difference between good and bad religion. Well there are many differences, but one of the keys is that bad religion is always stated, but not really practiced.

One of the reasons that the singer of this spiritual could be sure of the POSSESSION of good religion is that the singer PRACTICES good religion. This can be seen in the fact that the singer has gone to the pool and been redeemed in other verses.

Is my religion good or bad? Do I have a vital growing relationship to truth, or do I have a dead religion that is merely stated? Good religion can sustain someone, but bad religion is a sham that is waiting to be uncovered. Bad religion merely states theological facts, but good religion will demonstrate those same facts in a Godly life.

Do I have the genuine article, or do I have a sham? Do I have Good Religion?


Oh Lord, I ask that you would turn me from merely a hearer or a stator of the truth, into a doer of the truth. I ask that you would turn my bad religion into good for your name’s sake. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


have you got good religion

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