October 28

Don’t Let Story Overpower


As I was working through a sermon analysis that I am sending out in the Whooping With Integrity mailing list, I was reminded again of the power of just going through the Bible story.

Sure you pull out points, but these points to make us lose the story.

A Story is Powerful.

You know when you study memory techniques they tell you that one way to remember something is to attach it to a story.

And Bible Stories have stood the test of time, they have lasted for millennia.

And every weekend preachers tell those stories that have brought power and hope to the community…

But sometimes we don’t really tell the story…

Instead we dissect the story and just tell our points without really touching the story.

Sometimes we take one small piece of the story as our jump off and never go back to the story…

[bctt tweet=”Don’t dissect the story in your sermons, tell the story.”]

Sometimes we jump back and forth through so many scriptures that people don’t even know whether to even try to keep up in their Bibles (digital or physical)…

Sometimes people leave our sermons and aren’t even sure which passage of scripture the sermon was allegedly related to.

[bctt tweet=”Now there is a time to slice and dice…but as we do that, let us always remember to tell the stories.”]Now there is a time to slice and dice and pull out from the scripture…but as we do that, let us always remember to tell the stories…

Let the stories talk…

They can do some heavy lifting…

Till next time,

Brother Sherman


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