November 13

Do You Really Love Your People?


Are You Using Your Bully-Pulput

You can almost always tell when a preacher is verbally beating up on a member.

“Don’t send me an email that says XXXXX…”

Huh? So you are clowning a member who sent you an email from the pulpit and you think this is productive?

“A member told me XXXX, how are you going to tell me that and you are supposed to be a child of God?”

So now you are essentially telling that member that he is not a child of God and you think this is proper use of the pulpit God has entrusted to you?

Now I could be wrong…It is possible that the preacher was not speaking of a specific situation…but it sure “smells” like it…

Just about every preacher I have ever heard has claimed love for the people.

And some really do. Some really love. Even when they preach a rebuke you can feel the love in their voice as they utter it.

And then others…Well you know…their speech betrayeth them.

Let me ask you this…

Do you often find a way to attack your people in most of your sermon illustrations?

You know what I am talking about. Who are the villains in your stories? Is it the deacon? Is it some unnamed person…

Who is the hero in your illustrations? Is it most of the time you or your friends?

To put it bluntly…

You may say you love your people…But your people know..and they can hear it…

My sisters and brothers…You earn the right to correct…

And the first step in earning this is to love your people…

If you don’t love, you can’t preach the hard stuff…

See you tomorrow,

Brother Sherman

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