Do you Need the Bible Languages?

An interesting question from the Expository Thoughts blog. As I read the post two parallel emotions came over me. First, I think that one must never come to the conclusion that languages are necessary to know the scriptures. And another point, we have a responsibility to use every tool that we have the ability to use in preparation. and finally, we should desire to gain greater preceision and power in our preaching that will probably require the languages.

These three impulses push me to learn the languages, but they also remind me that I must use whetever tools I already know rigorously. And finally they push me to recognize that I can, by God’s grace, know what God is saying to the people that I am presenting the Gospel to at any worship service.

I largely agree with Pastor Lamey’s presentation and think that something is wrong if one does not wish to learn or does not really feel the need to learn the languages…But I still hold to the idea, that I think Pastor Lamey agrees with, that God’s word is still spoken by Preachers who do not know Greek…

Sherman Haywood Cox II

Vanderbilt Trained Minister (MDiv), Univ. of Alabama Trained Software Developer (MS), Author, Blogger (, Husband, Son, Brother, Father.

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