October 2

Do You Have To Know Greek?


Do I have to know Greek and Hebrew to Preach The word?

I have had a few questions come in related to the use of Greek and Hebrew in preaching so I will deal with them.

The first one is an interesting question, “Do I have to know Greek and Hebrew to Preach the Word?”

OK, we all know the answer, don’t we?

It’s simple. I would rather have a Spirit-led preacher without knowledge of the Greek than a one who ain’t spirit led who has 4 years of Greek study.


What about the Spirit Led preacher who has 4 years of Greek?

I have from time to time heard sermons from such preachers. They delve deep in the word and pull out nuggets that are very helpful.

I would agree that all things being equal, the trained preacher who is spirit led has greater resources to preach than the one who is not…



That is why God chose YOU to preach to THAT PEOPLE at THAT TIME!

You see, there is something about your background that gives you some insight that others don’t have.

We need the Greek Scholar, but sometimes they lose touch with the reality of the day to day lives of those who live with their back against the wall.

Sometimes they teach us Greek when the simple English would have sufficed.

This is why we all have a part to play in the preaching moment.

Now, I think it is important to get as much training as you can get. Praise God for the great scholars.

I have studied Greek and make use of it in my own preaching. It is valuable and helpful. It is important…if you have that knowledge…

But if you don’t know Greek…Don’t let it stand in the way of your preaching. Don’t feel like a second class preacher…

If you don’t know Greek…Get you a number of translations and read them and preach the Word to the best of your ability.

All I’m trying to say is study to the best of your ability.

And God will step in and make up any difference that is needed…


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