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Your Preaching Gotta Take Them Higher

Oh Freedom…

Oh Freedom…

Oh Freedom over me…

And before I’ll be a slave

I’ll be buried in my grave

And go home to my Lord and be free…


What was it that could make the slave singer stand in the midst of hell?

What was it that empower the slave to see the worst that humanity can put on them and still stand forth with some degree of dignity?

What was it that allowed that slave to sing about freedom when many died never seeing it?

Make Sure The Truth Cuts And Not You

We preachers have to come to terms with a few important points.

First of all, everybody ain’t gonna like what you throwing down…

In fact, if everybody loves all your sermons and messages, you probably are doing something wrong…

Somebody aught to get upset at least every once in a while. If everybody is comfortable..then guess what, something is wrong…

But that is not to say we should go out of our way to mess over folks.

Don’t Let Story Overpower

As I was working through a sermon analysis that I am sending out in the Whooping With Integrity mailing list, I was reminded again of the power of just going through the Bible story.

Sure you pull out points, but these points to make us lose the story.

A Story is Powerful.

You know when you study memory techniques they tell you that one way to remember something is to attach it to a story.

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