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Grab The Hymnal

You know what is one of the greatest tools for preacher?

I know you have heard me say it before…And I am on a music kick right now….

but I gotta say….

The Hymnal…

Yeah…I mean the hymnal…

I know what some of you are thinking…

“We don’t use the hymnal.”


“Hymnals are old school. We are attempting to reach a younger crowd.”

No Fake Celebration

OK, folks, I’m fixing to put a stake in the ground that is gonna anger some of yall…Forgive me, but I gotta do it…

When you present the truth of the Gospel in all of its implications the people must respond. It may be a calm resolve to follow the word. It may be shouting. It may also include a tear, but there will be a response.

Sometimes you may not even see the response…but there will be a response…

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