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Audio Podcast 9 – You Can Preach: Choosing a Text

How do you find a text to preach? In this episode we discuss a few possibilities. This is Step 1: Choosing a Text which is the first in a series of podcasts that are essentially the audio book of You Can Preach: 7 steps to an effective sermon. I would encourage you to listen to the audio here and download the ebook if you have not done it yet.

You Can Download it here

Audio Podcast 7 – Soul Theology

In this episode we have a discussion of the principles of African American folk Theology as discussed in the book Soul Theology by Nicolas Cooper Lewter and Henry Mitchell.

We often speak of Black Theology and it is often looking at the works of such theologians as Dwight Hopkins or James cone, but here is a look at the theology of the people in the pew.

Black Preachers need to have a good grasp of Black Folk Theology, this book provides that and this audio summarizes the Black Folk Theological System presented in the book.

Download it here