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Are Your Sermons Improving?

Russel D. Moore has an interesting article up on his website “Moore To The Point.” Somebody contacted Pastor Moore fearful of poor preaching. The individual believed that he was preaching mediocre sermons and was not improving. You can find that article here.

Moore gives a few thoughts on the issue. First, Moore notes, your sermons are probably “really, really bad” at first. Next, you need to have your sermons critiqued by folks who know what they are talking about if you want to improve.

Does Your Ministry Ever Leave The Church Building?

Preachers. I have a very important question for you. Does your ministry ever leave the church building?

You know many times we church folks act as though we have done our duty when we sit in a congregation and listen to a preacher preach or a choir sing. We may participate. We may sing heartily. We may even get a chance to preach to the people of God. But then we go home. And what happens at home? A plethora of television, sports, games, fun, and just life. We live our lives. And we should live our life, but has church made a difference? Does it affect our lives in any meaningful way? And more specifically, does it make a difference in how we relate to the hurting one?

Evaluating The Preacher

I was reading H.B.Charles’ article on black preachers and their caricature that may YouTube feeds into. I would encourage you to check out his website.

I think that the plethora of “whooping” or conclusion parts of our sermons that are posted there demonstrate a larger reality. Preachers are judged by how well they can “bring it.” And by that I mean “wreck the house”, “shout the people”, or whatever else you call it.

Where Have All The Prophets Gone?

Rev. Heber Brown, III over at the religious political action Faith in Action blog recently interviewed Dr Marvin McMickle on his online radio show. I would encourage everyone to go on over and see what Dr. McMickle has to say about the loss of Prophets in the black church. Dr. McMickle’s latest book is entitled Where Have All the Prophets Gone?