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Do Righteous Children Beg For Bread?

I must admit that this is one of our “shout” texts, but does it say what we want it to say? Psalm 37:25 says “I was young and now I am old, and I have never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.” On the face of it is simply a statement of fact for the Psalmist. He has never seen it happen. OK, but we often read it and see it as a promise that our children, if we are true to God, if we pay our tithe, and if we go to church, etc, will never have to beg for food.

The Church…Hospital or Hospice

The church is not a monument for the righteous, it is a hospital for sinners.

So goes the popular saying that has taken on almost cliche-like proportions in many of our churches. The idea is that anyone who expects church members to live differently than those who are not members are hopelessly legalistic and need to learn about Jesus’ grace.

Do You Preach The Theme or God’s Word?

Someone sent in the following question that I thought might be of interest to the community as a whole:

What are your thoughts on Preaching on Theme topics ( Pastor Anniversary, Church Anniversary, Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Youth Day etc.). Should I try to build a message off of the topic and/or scripture they have given to me, or should I seek the Lord for what God would have me to preach and possibly offend the Chairperson, Host person or Pastor. And if I do not preach the theme, should I apologize for ignoring their theme. Please help?

While Waiting For Your Turn To Preach

You have been called to preach, but it seems that your opportunities to preach are slim to none. You see your other associate colleagues who have more invitations than they can even fill and yet you have only preached twice in the last year. You are beginning to wonder if the call is real. You also might be allowing envy to cause you to talk about other preachers who are getting invitations.

It can be frustrating and we must take some active steps to make this season of waiting valuable and profitable. if you find yourself waiting for your opportunity, I would encourage you to do the following important things:

Should We Preach Prosperity?

Well, there is a new book that helps us understand what the question even means. Many of the most popular preacher in the African American community could be considered “prosperity preachers.” These are preachers who seemingly guarantee financial and other kinds of blessings based on parishioners “sowing seeds” in ministries.

The preachers often use language taken directly from the Bible and this fact can trip up many. Well, Dr. Debra J. Mumford, a homiletics professor from Lousiville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, has written a book that will help all who wish to deal with this phenomenon.