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Is All Church Growth Good?

Medical Doctor Phillip Mills writes about the infatuation many have with some popular church growth approaches. Certainly we can question whether it is God’s intention that every church turn into a Mega Church, which I sincerely doubt. But what Mills does is question whether we are worrying about the quality of growth as much as the quantity of growth.

Some have talked about this when speaking about the retention rates or the spiritual growth of those who join. It is problematic when we equate success to putting church hoppers in seats while the total number of members of the Kingdom remains the same in the city. We simply shuffle the church folk from one church to the new church with the big choir and the great preacher. Mills addresses these issues in a helpful way from a physician’s point of view.

How I Got Over – When You Don’t Have To Know

“How I got over…My soul look back and wonder how I got over.” What I love about this song is that it glories in “not knowing.” I don’t know how I got over, in fact I look back and wonder. But the orientation of the singer of the song is instructive. You see the singer is on the other side of the problem. The singer is not in the midst of the mess, but she is on the other side looking back. She doesn’t just quickly move on to the next thing. No she stands there…She looks back. She glories.

Seminary, Respect For The Ministry Of Others

Pastor Brady Williams wrote a very interesting response to a previous article titled “Should We Go To Seminary.”

He wrote in part:

…There is a problem I have seen for a long time that needs to be addressed. I hope you don’t mind that I am slightly off subject but why is it that most, and I say most because I do not feel this spirit from you or anyone I have read concerning this subject. But of a truth I have seen a disdain for the faithful in the spirit of seminary-trained preachers. Why is it that a seminary-trained preachers cannot respect a non-seminary trained preacher? Consequently a seminary-trained preacher cannot respect anyone who has not had similar types of worldly training. What’s wrong with this picture? Do we truly understand what the Pharisees represented in the Lord Jesus’ day? What has happened to the church?

Why You Need A Sermon Title

From time to time individuals question whether a sermon title is even needed. One person told me that all you need is just the text. This individual thinks that you should just call your sermon John 3:16 or Jeremiah 2:7 or whatever text you are preaching. I have not always titled my own messages, but over time, I began to realize their purpose and need. In this article I wanted to give you four reasons why you need a title.