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Preaching To Those Who Hear

Black Man ListentingOn the Biblical Preaching blog, the author is currently in a series about the different listeners in our sermons. Who is listening? There is the community of faith, not yet believers, angels, demons, and God. The preacher must be mindful of all of these ears when preaching. If not, then we will have a truncated message that only addresses a part.

There are sermonic methodologies that only address preaching to believers. Other’s spend the lion-share of their time addressing the not yet believers. Some address those who they do not ever expect to be believers. Then there are a few who openly preach for and to the spirit realm. But to preach fully, we preach to and for all who hear.

The Role Of Humanity In Preaching

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Some believe that preaching is where the preacher goes off to talk to God with Bible in hand. Then God gives a message to the preacher. Then the preacher comes to the people without altering that message. Touching or changing the Word that came from On High would be tantamount to lying about what God said.

I am certainly mindful and hesitant to use the terminology of “God said.” Or in more common vernacular, “God told me to tell ya.” Such language can be difficult and problematic when we are not even sure that God necessarily desires what we are about to say.

The Homiletic Process in A Minute

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Someone sent this in on our Facebook Page and I thought the answer might be applicable to many readers.

Hey I have a few questions if you don’t mind helping me, I am a young preacher myself, how long on average does it take most preachers to write sermons? Can you please break down the time spent in preparation, outiling, exegesis,and actually constructing the sermon? Also, when do you know that you are ready to actually preach the sermon? Please help me out, thanks

Practical Preaching Or Kingdom Preaching?

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Many call for practical sermons. I have made the same call on occasion. However, the term “practical sermons” means different things to different people. For example, some preachers use the term to mean sermons that give people life skills to help them live in this world. These sermons would address such important things as becoming a better employee or entrepreneur. Other sermons might be how to overcome racism and sexism to break through the glass ceiling that “the enemy” wants to use to block you from your God given destiny of prosperity, health, and wealth (certainly you have read enough of my work to know I have great problems with such a presentation…but I digress…).

Improving Your Craft….How Pious Ideas Can Kill Preaching Improvement

We get emails and comments all the time from readers. I love to receive them and try to answer them if I can. Many are happy with the “down to earth” and “practical” insights that I attempt to present in simple language. I try to steer clear of canned and trite teaching that people think they are supposed to hear. I attempt to give you real tools to help you in a real ministry in the real world.

Some disagree with this approach. I think disagreements can be helpful. I have learned more from disagreements than from agreements, but some of these disagreements come from a piety that does not deal with the reality that preparation for the preaching moment requires that the preacher put in some real work. No the preacher does not receive a message from God without putting forth any work whatsoever.