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Yelling Ain’t Gonna Fix A Broken Sermon

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but it just didn’t feel right.” A middle aged man told a woman, presumably his wife, at a Christian book store.

Yeah, I know, my wife tells me I need to stop listening to other folks conversations, but hold on, I got a point…

The woman answered, “What are you talking about that man can PA-REACH. He brought the house down on that last point.”

Closing The Sermon With Power: Reduce Complexity

Closing The Sermon With Power

Chapter 6: Reduce Complexity

OK, you have become the actor in the sermon. What else can you do to help your delivery of your sermonic. close? The next important thing you should do is Reduce complexity.

Do not engage in caveats or explanations of your points in the celebration. You have already done all that in the sermon. If you have put your sermont together properly then you can
eliminate your caveats and explanations.

What am I talking about?

Closing The Sermon With Power: What Do You Do?

Closing The Sermon With Power

Chapter 5: Become The Actor

Ok, we know what we are trying to do, what are the tools to actually do it? How can we actually turn the raw materials into a celebration? In this chapter, we will provide some explicit tools that you can use for promoting celebration in the close.

Become the Actor

The first tool to construct a sermonic close is for you, the preacher, to become the actor in the sermon. I mean you are the one who acts. You are the one who is doing what the sermon calls you to do.

This can be helpful when you have a controlling metaphor for your whole sermon. These sermons, that you can become the actor in, should ask the people to do something or promote something.

The preacher becomes the chief “obey-er” of the message. I have a couple of examples here:

Closing The Sermon With Power: Ingredients

Closing The Sermon With Power

Chapter 3: The Ingredients

When you bake a cake, you have to have the right ingredients. Well, when you are putting together a sermon close, you need the right ingredients as well.

Now, what can we use when we put together a sermon close? What is the material that we can use in constructing these celebrative moves at the end of our sermon? What is celebrative material?

Well, celebrative material is material that can help you and your people to emotionally experience the truth of the message. What are some of these raw materials that we can combine and mix to create a powerful close?

That is what this chapter is about. I am going to give you a number of resources, in no particular order, that you should intentionally examine and explore when putting together your sermon closes.


When you are putting together your sermon especially your sermon close, attemp to find hymns that are related to your points. Grab a hymnal and look up your text in the textual reference.