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Awareness of the Culture in Preaching

Cleophus LaRue’s next element of great preaching is an Astute Awareness of the Culture. The preacher must have a connection to real life if the preacher is to preach a message that connects to people.

LaRue states:

“[Preachers] sharpen their powers of observation by constantly seeking to name God’s presence in every aspect of human existence.”

Great preaching must engage all of human existence including the good and the bad. The areas of human existence that LaRue states we should be knowledgeable of happenings in “social, political, educational, and economic surroundings.”

Great preachers preach sermons that connect with people where they live. LaRue reminds us that we should be aware of this larger world if we are to preach sermons that connect the ancient text to our contemporary world.

Audio Podcast #2 – From Text To Sermon

How to preach a sermon. This audio podcast takes you from the selection of the text to the preaching of the sermon. This is an overview and each of the seven steps will be expanded in future audio podcast episodes. This episode is an expanded version of the post 7 steps to a sermon.

Here is a link to the Audio

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