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Audio 44 – Teleseminar, Planning Effective Sermons

You have to preach to the same people every week. What are you supposed to do? How can the preacher make sure the right themes are addressed? How can the preacher make sure that the preacher’s issues do not overly direct the sermon construction process. And finally, how can the preacher limit the number of times the people have to hear a “Saturday night special?”

In this 60 minute teleseminar I answer these and many more questions.

Download the audio at this link.

Audio 42 – Thoughts on Candy, Meat, Milk, and Dessert

A little bit ago, I re-posted an article on “Cotton Candy Sermons?” It sparked a conversation that included questions about whether candy and milk were the same thing in that the new believer cannot be expected to eat the solid food that the more seasoned saints enjoy. In addition, there was the issue about whether Candy and Dessert where synonymous.

This audio is an attempt to continue the conversation. I must admit that my understanding in this avenue is evolving, so come join the conversation. You can listen here or download the audio below.

Download the audio at this link.