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Audio 40: Become A Better Associate Minister

You are an Associate Minister and you want to become a more effective minister of the Gospel? What steps should you take? How can I Support the church, my senior pastor, and my ministry? Elder Cox provides an answer to that question in this important audio.

Download the audio at this link.

Audio 37 – Bible Translations For Preaching

We have already discussed what Bible translation to use in presentation. However, in this audio we discuss what Bible translations to use in preparation.

Preachers should make use of as many translations as the preacher can obtain. However, there are four translations that should be a part of every english preacher’s library. Listen to this audio to see which ones.

Download the audio at this link.

Audio 35 – Gospel Ain’t Good News For Everyone

goodnewsPraise God for the Word of the coming Kingdom of God. This is certainly good news, but is it good news for everyone? Do we betray the radical nature of the coming kingdom when we preach it as if abusers and perpetrators of violence and those invested in wickedness are “hooked up?”

Is the good news good for everyone? Listen to this audio by Elder Cox who speaks to this question.

Download the audio at this link.

Audio 34 – Raliegh Jones Jr from The Black Preaching Network

Pastor Raleigh Jones discusses the origin and the continued work and progress of the Black Preaching Network.

the Black Preaching Network is a social networking site that allows preachers to meet, greet, and interact on the internet. The site now has over 10,000 members and is growing daily.

You can join now for fee, and I would encourage all preachers to take advantage of this marvelous resource. Add your name to the list of preachers using this service at this link

I had a discussion with him a few months ago that you can find below.

Download the audio at this link.