February 1

Called to Preach. Act Like it.


Act Like You Been Called

Today let’s talk about acting like you been called.

Have You Been called?


You know you been called.

Uh Huh…

You have announced your call to the ministry in church and the pastor has issued you your preaching license…

And yet you spend more time watching television than you do preparing.


Yeah…I’m going all in today yall…

You been called…

And yet you ain’t read one book to help you be a better minister since you announced your calling.


You been called to ministry.

And yet your cable bill is twenty times the size of what you spend to support and promote your ministry.

Where is your time going? Where is your money going?

You been called to ministry.

Act like it.

You ain’t got no money…well maybe so…but they got all kinds of materials at the library.

The Internet has all kinds of materials…

Tons of materials…and a lot for free…

You been called to ministry. You need to act like it.

You ain’t got no time…but do you have thirty minutes a day to dedicate to being a better minister? Do you have an hour?

God called you…can you make time?

Today, put together a plan.

Bare minimum yall.

30 minutes…

You and your Bible…

Start preparing that sermon.

You been called right?

Then act like it.

You ain’t got no assignment yet…

So what…

You don’t have to preach till December…

I ain’t asked you that…

I asked you if you was called….

If you called…then you need to be ready…in season and out of season.

Don’t get mad at me…get to work…

Next week…you need to be ready…

And if you still don’t have an assignment…guess what…it is time to plan and prepare another sermon…

You been called right?

Then act like it!

Here is my homiletic http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net
See you tomorrow,

Brother Sherman

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