Are Pastors Kings? Bishop Eddie Long And Pastoral Kingship

OK, I admit this is tangentially related to the point of this blog, but a few of you wanted me to put this up for discussion. Setting aside the obvious discussion about Bishop Eddie Long and the legal battles he has had as of late, I did think this video was interesting. In it the pastor/preacher is placed on a pedestal and made to be a king.

Photo by Olve Utne

Now I don’t have a problem with us being Kings and Queens. The Bible says we are a “royal priesthood” in 1 Peter 2:9, but it ain’t the members who are anointed as kingly priests, no its is the pastor. Are the pastors “more” Kings and Queens?”

The Bible says that Elders “who rule well” deserve double honor in 1 Timothy 5:17. Is that what we are seeing here. Is Bishop Long receiving double honor because he has ruled the church well? furthermore does that imply that he is to rule the church as a king?

A minister friend of mine told me that members often either server their pastors as Kings or are served by their pastors and ultimately make the pastor a butler. Where is the middle space?

If I might ask again, what does this kind of spectacle mean in light of the Reformation principle of the priesthood of all believers?

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