September 3


Great preaching has

Solid scholarship…you have used whatever ability you have to get at the Bible writer’s intent.

That will look like original language study if you know them. It will look like reading in multiple contexts the chapter…book….etc… It will look like appealing to commentaries.

It also includes Understanding of the needs of your people.

That will look like having talked to them. Having struggled with them. Visited them.

It also includes Spirit leading.  Has the Spirit lead you in your preparation? Has the Spirit lead you in your putting together the points? Has the spirit lead. 

And it means Spirit Power. And is there power from the Holy Ghost in your preaching. A power that is not human. A power that comes from bathing your sermons in prayer.

If your preaching is to be like the bread that the priests replaced every Sabbath in the ancient Hebrew Tabernacle warm from glory then you really need all four of them…

to do each and every one of these things…

You need something else…


TIME..that’s the sermon preparation element that is impossible to replace…

You cannot do solid scholarship in preparation for a sermon the night before. It just ain’t possible.

You can’t truly understand the needs of your people unless you have walked where they walked some time…

It is diffiuclt to discern the spirit’s leading if you are throwing together a sermon the night before.

Beleive me…I have tried…It is difficult to discern the difference between desperation and leading as you grasp here and there.

And Spirit power. How do you get spirit power? By preaching from the overflow of your prayer life.

You can’t do this without Time…
This week…make place for this TIME…

And watch God show up….

Till Next Time…


Brother Sherman

P.S. – check out my homiletic


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