January 25

Guarantee Sermonic Improvement


Preaching is something that gets better with experience.


What do you do when you aren’t preaching every week?

How do you get better?

Good question.

Are You ReadyWell…first of all you have to be doing the regular things…

1. How is your devotional life?

2. Are you praying?

3. Are you preparing?

Yeah…I said are you preparing?

The associate ministers job is one of being prepared to step in.

It is funny how often opportunities come when you are prepared.

So how do you get better? By preparing full sermons.

Yes…Full sermons…

I mean create an introduction…create a body…and finally create a conclusion…

It is true that you get better by preaching.

It is also true that you get better by preparing…

You can’t control whether you are called to preach a sermon or not…

But you can control whether you are prepared to preach a sermon…

So this week. To all of my preachers. I encourage you to prepare a sermon.

Yes a new one…

Being prepared ain’t about grabbing one of your old horses and running with that…

Being prepared is about putting together a NEW sermon this week…

You may go with your horse…but that still don’t’ change the need to create a new sermon…

And if you need help in sermon construction…well then you need to sign up for our program at http://www.superchargeyoursermons.net.

Till Tomorrow,

Brother Sherman

P.S. – You need to exegete the text…go head and purchase the white paper at https://gumroad.com/products/okfy



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