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Yelling Ain’t Gonna Fix A Broken Sermon

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but it just didn’t feel right.” A middle aged man told a woman, presumably his wife, at a Christian book store.

Yeah, I know, my wife tells me I need to stop listening to other folks conversations, but hold on, I got a point…

The woman answered, “What are you talking about that man can PA-REACH. He brought the house down on that last point.”Continue reading

Closing The Sermon With Power: Prerequisites

Closing The Sermon With Power

Chapter 1: Prerequisites to a Powerful Close

How do you end a sermon with power? You are asking this because innately you understand that no matter how well you preach the sermon, ending well is very important.

But before you end a sermon powerfully, you must have a few pre-requisites. So what are these?

Solid Exegesis

One of these things you must have to end a sermon well is to engage in Solid Exegesis. There are a number of ways to exegete the text, and you can even read my white paper “Four waves of exegesis” for my approach to this.

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