Preaching and Seminary

Over at the Placement Reflections blog Ed Eubanks writes about the importance of seminary students actually preaching sermons in churches before graduation. Interestingly enough, I reflected on my own seminary experience and realized that in my 3 Homiletics courses I have only preached 2 sermons. I then realized it was possible to leave with an MDiv and not preach any sermons whatsoever.

How important is it to preach in seminary? I am begining to feel a little unease about the small amount of preaching that I have done and will take steps to increase these opportunities before graduating.



Sherman Haywood Cox II is the director of Soul Preaching. He holds the M.Div with an emphasis in Homiletics and a M.S. in Computer Science.

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2 comments on “Preaching and Seminary
  1. You’re exactly right. While working on my M.Div. I had the privilege of doing a couple of internships in which I preached dozens of sermons. Not only did I have the opportunity to preach, but I was blessed to have the help of a mentor with more than 50 years of preaching experience. Truly a blessing.

  2. Sherman Haywood Cox II says:

    Yes I must go ahead and begin inquiring about preaching engagements. In the end if we are preachers we must “do the deed” and preach.

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