How Do You Insure Relevance?

How Do you insure Relevance

Relevance doesn’t mean that you never preach about the ethical demands of the text.

Relevance simply means that you preach in a way that is UNDERSTOOD by the people.

You translate the texts into the situation of the people…

And yes sometimes that means that they aren’t gonna like what you said…

But at least they will understand what you said…

In too many cases preachers look down on relevance and are proud of their not succumbing to the demands of preaching relevant sermons…

Well, if you ain’t relevant, then ain’t nobody understand nothing you got to say…

So how do you insure relevance?

Two things:

1) Always…I mean Always…think about the text from the perspective of those who are going through something…

Not just something, but going through hell.

Not those who have a cold and need God to help them get over it…Not those who have lost their keys and need God to help them find them….

There is enough preaching for them already…

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You come to the text with the concerns of those who have lost their job. I want you to come to the text with the concerns of those who ain’t got no food in the pantry and their baby is crying….

I want you to come to the text with the concerns of those who don’t know if their car is gonna start but they have their first job interview in months…

Those are the concerns you are going to go to the text with…

Don’t read these concerns into the text (eisegesis) but if the text legitimately addresses those concerns, I need you to see it…

In short, always…I mean Always…I mean Always…no really, I mean always…. look for what the text says to those on the underbelly of society in every text…What does the text have to say to the weak and hurting….

And then sit back and watch God show up…

The first step to doing this is the first wave of Biblical Exegesis. It really is important. This is why I am going to present the four waves at the upcoming seminar in Nashville. But you can get the white paper right now at:

Keep on preaching yall,

Brother Sherman



Sherman Haywood Cox II is the director of Soul Preaching. He holds the M.Div with an emphasis in Homiletics and a M.S. in Computer Science.

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