Close With Power…How Do You?

How to make sure you close with power?

OK…this question came in.

Wow can you ensure you close your sermon with power. You got at least two options…(OK…you got more…but I only got time for two…)

Here is OPTION 1…

Take your text.

Find the Good News in the Text.

Think About How You are going to celebrate that good news…IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PREP.


Continue exegeting to find the other points of your sermon.

OK..what have I done?

Instead of waiting till the end to find the end of your sermon…find your sermon ending at the beginning.


That’ll work…

But I think a better option is to allow the celebration to emerge from ALL of your exegesis…

OK Cox…just how do you suggest that we do that?

I’m glad you asked…

The answer? follow the Four Waves of Biblical Exegesis…

OK…let’s quickly review what happens…

In Wave 1 you write down everything that comes to your mind related to the text.

If you do that you will find quotes and other texts and songs and hymns and cliches and all kind of other material related to that text…

This material will ultimately become points…illustrations…questions…sermon titles…and even celebration material…

No banging your head…No trying to force something…no…it is all sitting right there…

Now then you move into Wave 2. Then you are going to look deeper into the text. Some of that material from Wave 1 will be removed…some of it will be refined…What is left will stronger illustrations…questions…sermons titles…points…and even celebration material.

Then when you hit Wave 3 you are specifically gonna ask what do the hymns say about my text? What do the spiritual say about my text? What do other preachers say about my text?

You are gonna still refine your points and add more enlightenment…

You can’t tell me that you are gonna look at hymns and spirituals and it ain’t gonna give you something to celebrate.

Then you hit Wave 4 and take a stroll into the text. Smelling this…feeling that…touching the other…

Yeah…you probably gonna have a lot of celebration material there…

So how do you do it? Follow the Four waves. In a little while I am going to release a Four Waves of Exegesis seminar where we take a text and go through all four waves. But until then head on over and purchase the white paper on the subject at:

Yeah…you can close with power. Just follow the four waves…
Till next time…
Brother Sherman



Sherman Haywood Cox II is the director of Soul Preaching. He holds the M.Div with an emphasis in Homiletics and a M.S. in Computer Science.

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