When Doors Of Ministry Don’t Open

We all have found ourselves in the position of wondering why our ministry hasn’t gone forward in the way that we thought it aught…

Many of us have gotten some training only to find that the door we wanted to be open was as closed as before we made such efforts.

You may have ministered faithfully as a lay leader for many years…only to find that that didn’t open the door either….

And perhaps you have given up in despair and have come close to give up ministry….or maybe you have…

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Why They May Not Want To Hear You Preach

“It’s their loss…”

You ever heard any preacher say that when folks didn’t want to hear them preach?

Have you ever said or thought it?

The preacher who says this thinks that he is delivering the goods and that the people who don’t want to hear the preacher and who get up and leave are about to miss a powerful message that could have helped them.

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